Hotline: Report Suppression of Free Speech

Documenting Suppression of Free Speech at MIT

The MIT Free Speech Alliance's mission is to ensure that MIT maintains its position as the premier university in the world for science and technology. To do that, we need to ensure that MIT continues to support free speech, a diverse set of viewpoints, academic freedom, and open scientific inquiry.

Our focus is on ensuring that MIT lives up to the values of the 2022 Free Expression Statement, not in MIT policy generally. Please use this form to report a speech suppression incident that you experience or view at MIT.

Here is what we will and will not do with the information you provide.

  • We will highlight published documentation of official policy that violates MIT's stated commitment to Academic Freedom (Section 9.1 of Policies and Procedures) or  similar norms of campus free expression such as those described in MIT's Free Expression Statement. This form is not for reporting foolish or misguided policies generally, however. 
  • We will highlight other official MIT documents that run contrary to the values of free expression, such as speech codes and  behavior codes,regulations, official forms course requirements, and training materials that suppress free speech. 
  • We will not publish incidents that cannot be verified and documented or  for which it is unclear whether someone's free expression has actually been violated.
  • We will not publicly identify individuals involved in suppression of free expression merely because they are accused. We will not harass people or encourage social media campaigns. This form is for us to make inquiries, and we will act only after we have heard from all sides. 
  • We will not disclose your identity publicly, unless you agree separately and in advance, even if you identify yourself here.
  • We will not keep a permanent record either of people who use this form or people mentioned in it. The record will be expunged after it is noted and we decide how to respond. 

TO REPORT AN INCIDENT - Please fill out the form below.

For example, describe the facts about the incident itself, identify the person(s) engaged in the behavior, date/time/duration of the incident, location information, and other people/witnesses who are also aware.

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(Please note that if you choose to identify yourself, your identity and the information provided in the report will be kept confidential to the best of our ability. We will ask your permission in advance before sharing your information for any potential follow up data collection by an investigative organization.)

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