Debate: Is Sex Binary? 7-8:30pm Eastern (no registration needed for online viewing)
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern
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In the third debate at MIT co-hosted by the MIT Free Speech Alliance, Students for Open Inquiry, MIT's Adam Smith Society, and other organizations, two teams will debate the proposition, "Resolved that sex is biological and binary and gender identity is no substitute for sex in social policy." 

Reprising her role as moderator of this Oxford Union-inspired debate is Nadine Strossen, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, New York Law School Professor Emerita, and Past President of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Affirmative Team will be Professors Alex Byrne, Professor of Philosophy at MIT and author of Trouble with Gender: Sex Facts, Gender Fictions, and Holly Lawford-Smith, Associate Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and author of Gender-Critical Feminism.  The Negative Team will be  Dr. Alice Dreger, American historian and journalist, a Guggenheim Fellow, recipient of the Heterodox Academy’s Courage Award, and author of Galileo’s Middle Finger and Aaron Kimberly, a mental health nurse, Public Engagement Director with the LGBT Courage Coalition, and Co-Host of the Transparency Podcast​.

As with our previous debates, we expect this debate to model constructive dialogue and disagreement on a difficult and controversial issue, and we look forward to bringing this event to the MIT community. 

This debate will be held in MIT's Wong Auditorium, and will additionally be livestreamed  and later be available as a recording at MFSA's YouTube channel

For more information on the debate and our participants, and to register for a free ticket for the live event on campus, visit our debate page.
Setting: In-Person
Wong Auditorium (Tang Center, Building E51)
70 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02139

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